Emergency Boarding Up Services

Emergency boarding up

Emergency boarding up ensures that your premises or property is secured after a break in or any kind of emergency that has left you with damaged doors and windows. This makes sure that your home stays safe until you can make arrangements for a permanent repair.

We can also undertake emergency boarding up as a pre-emptive measure for vulnerable properties. This can protect your property during any planned events such as demonstrations, carnivals, or large celebrations.

Emergency Filming

Specialist transparent film can be used to cover broken glass in windows and doors, or as a temporary dust protection solution. This film is comparable to clingfilm and is a low-tack and protective peel-off film.

Loki Locksmiths can apply emergency filming in numerous situations, such as to protect against spills, plaster, dirt, and dust, or to secure a property in the event of any damage to your windows and doors. Unlike the boarding, emergency filming still allows sunlight through into your property.

Double Glazing Replacement

If your commercial property or household has a broken double-glazed unit in one or multiple of its windows or doors, Loki Locksmith can measure, make, and fit a new double glazing replace for you in an emergency.

Though emergency boarding up and emergency filming are fantastic short-term fixes for any damage, ultimately it is always more secure to have a double glazing replacement installed as soon as possible.