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There’s no doubt: we are the local locksmith you’ve been searching for. Read on for insight into our insured, tried-and-tested services. Do you have an enquiry? Unlike the Norse God, getting in touch with us is far easier than a hope and a prayer! Our mobile and email details are freely available to you, here.

UPVC windows have skyrocketed in popularity throughout Chertsey homes. However – as time goes by – UPVC window locking mechanisms have been known to need adjustment and maintenance. Allow us to upgrade your UPVC lock with various, up-to-date MPL locks.

Traditional, yet easily breakable. We can boost the security of your wood frame windows and doors with the applicable locks: proudly boasting hard plate protection and anti-pick notches, no intruder will even think about breaching your home.

UPVC and Aluminium Bifold Door Locks can seize over time: susceptible to rust and degradation. We can maintain, lubricate and handle the upkeep of these locking mechanisms – prolonging the safe, continued use of such beautiful bifold doors.